The Big Sing



The BIG Sing is working hard to show community singing at its best giving people an opportunity to sing when they may not have considered it before to enjoy the therapeutic qualities singing has.

We give the opportunity to be taught by expert tutors, enabling the choir to produce an amazing sound by not limiting their abilities, offering them full support helping them increase their self-belief and confidence with unique performance opportunities.

The BIG Sing have performed alongside some BIG names already including Ellie Goulding, Leah McFall (from BBC The Voice) Blake, London Community Gospel Choir, Jamie Oliver and have toured with Leona Lewis.

We are passionate about uniting communities with uplifting music and have already seen how the choir has change people’s lives. Now it’s time to capture what we have created and take it to those who can’t come to us…

Introducing our brand new charity…. The BIG Sing SOUL

The choir members are working hard to fundraise so we can share the joy we have found in our music. The charity will take our tutors into hospitals, school and work with disabled groups – we just want to help those who need our music the most. Join us on the journey that we are building together.