The Big Sing



TEACHERS! Purchase our backing tracks & songs here & keep your kids singing!

Each week we visit schools across the UK to give them free singing tuition through our new Charity The BIG Sing SOUL.

Dida Burrell, head teacher at Maldon Primary, said: “Children have been dragged out of their shell into the limelight and loved every minute. The smiles on their faces at the concert lit up the room and left the adults glassy eyed with pride.”

Tollesbury head teacher, Kate Garrett added: “It has been a brilliant ten weeks. The children have thoroughly enjoyed themselves and their self-confidence has grown so much. The passion and enthusiasm that the teacher brought to the lessons each week was so lovely to witness.”

The LITTLE Sing kids choir started six years ago, and was the idea of BIG Sing choir leader Gemma Francis. She explained: “The kids’ choir was born after we identified the need to get our children singing uplifting music. “If you look at the pop music industry it is getting darker and darker. Lyrics are becoming more sexualised, materialistic and about greed. I felt compelled to find songs that kids should be singing. We want to capture what we have created and take it to those who can’t come to us, giving more people in our community an opportunity to sing motivating songs when they may not have considered it before.”

We are looking for schools to jump on board with our NEW project taking uplifting and positive music to children – getting them singing and feeling good and giving them a great performance opportunity!