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The BIG Sing choir were recently on Britain’s Got Talent and since being on TV we’ve had people contact us from all over the country asking us to start choirs as they loved seeing the way that we used uplifting music to unite people. Our choirs unite people in the local community from young babies right up to grandparents. Our uplifting music unites people from all backgrounds, cultures and creates new friendships. We hear stories weekly of how our music helps people overcome depression, isolation, loneliness and illness. There is POWER in community and our music really unites people!   We have a new idea to be able to start more BIG Sing choirs in Churches, and together with your help get people singing in your community.   If you are interested in chatting more about our idea and working together then please do fill in this form and tell us some more about you and your church – it’s only a quick one.   BIG Sing Unite Church Resources Questionnaire E-mail enquiries to:

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